Expert auto repair in Williamston

Williamston auto repair
We have been providing expert automotive services in Williamston, Michigan, since 1968. Our four employees combined have more than a century worth of experience. Their experience allows them to easily explain issues with your vehicle and help you determine the best result.

Our professional ASE Certified mechanics can work on most domestic and imported vehicles, old and new. They pride themselves on doing an excellent job every time. Our services include oil changes, brakes, diagnostics, electrical work and nearly all engine repair. No matter what your vehicle problem, we can help you find a solution.

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 6 pm. We are located at 1019 W. Grand River Ave, Williamston, MI. Call us to schedule an appointment today: (517) 655-2193.

What our customers are saying:

I went in for work on a rear stabilizer for an older car. They showed me the new part they were installing and were quick to install it. However, the real issue is that you can trust these guys. – John R. 

Great service! They are knowledgable, honest and perform repairs and service in a timely manner. I have taken cars there on many occasions and have always been completely satisfied. I would highly recommend Bappert. – Derek N.

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4 thoughts on “Expert auto repair in Williamston

  1. The absolute most trustworthy auto repair service around bar-none!
    Took my car in , old Saturn Vue with 188000 on it had a few problems, most urgent was smoke from my wheel. Told them I was looking to get another year out of her. The after-inspection report was grim but honest , I need a new car. They took pity on me and didn’t even charge me for the inspection, later in the week I was looking over the same problem wheel and I noticed that during the inspection that had mad a small repair for me and not even mentioned it.
    So in my search for a good reliable used car, my first question has been ” can I take it to Bappert’s for a look over?

    Thank you Bappert’s

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  2. I don’t usually take the time to leave comments on businesses websites… but as so many car places try to take advantage of women, it seems important to leave a comment when you find one that doesn’t! Bappert is super honest and trustworthy.. they won’t pressure you, and they get the job done in a reasonable time for a good price.

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  3. We trust Bappert Automotive work completely and this comes from having them do work for us for 29 years. When our sons come home, they have Bappert’s look at possible needed repairs because they trust them as well. The employees are really friendly too!!

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  4. I’ve trusted Bob to wrench on my cars since 1998. Yes, I used “trust” in conjunction with “auto mechanic.” My wife’s car had a brake problem and an intermittent traction control problem. I called Bappert and they got me an appointment the very next day. Bob and crew fixed the brakes, identified and fixed the traction control problem and even fixed the back seat that wouldn’t fold down. Plus, the final bill was $60 less than estimated! To top it all off, they got the job done the very same day. Yes, I’ll be back. I recommend you check Bappert Automotive when your car needs some TLC

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